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Model:CNTR-08061 Input:HDMI


Main Features:
Support DLP-link 120Hz 3D projector Support 2D source to display on 3D TV with 3D effection Pint This Page

  • Convert 3D mode for a better picture,3D stereo effect adjustment in 2D program input mode
  • Due to 3D ready DLP projector can only receive 120Hz frame sequential format video to achieve 3D effect, so 2D and 3D format (SBS-H/TAB/FP) video can´t be view in 3D ready DLP projector at 3D mode. Thank goodness, this 3D ready DPL media processor will help you to make it. It is the first converter to support 120Hz 3D ready projector HD video.
  • Theoretically it supports all DLP 3D projectors, the tested models as follows:Acer H5360 (BD), X1261P, D411D, E130D, M114BenQ MS614, MS615+, TS513P, TX501, EP5227, W700, MP776, MX514PTW712Optoma: HD33, IS500, EX539
  • Support 1280*720/120Hz Frame sequential (FS) format output,Support 3D Side by side half (SBS-H) convert to FS format for 3D ready projector,Support 3D Top and bottom (TAB) convert to FS format for 3D ready projector,Support 3D Frame packing (FP) blue ray format convert to FS format for 3D projector,Support 2D convert to FS format for 3D Projector,Support 2D convert to SBS-H 3D format for 3D HDTV,Support 480p /576p/720p/1080p solution,Support 3D TV channel convert to 3DTV/3D projector
  • Be compatible with XBOX360, PS3, Blue Ray DVD, HD Player, DVD, HD-STB, etc
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